Engelstalig gedicht (1)

You never know

I know it isn’t easy
to move to another country.
You have to go to one of the schools
to learn the language and the rules.
Your Dutch is getting better and better.
You even can write a little letter.
Dutch people seem a little weird.
Their openness is to be feared!
Still, they are not spontaneous.
They’re frugal and seldom generous.
They don’t act silly or sing very much.
Maybe they are just shy, those Dutch!
But when “Sinterklaas” comes around
from every house you hear a sound.
Children are happily singing,
waiting for the bell to be ringing.
Sint leaves presents at the door.
That’s what they’ve been waiting for!
Maybe you’ll get a present as well.
I don’t know. You never can tell!
Off course Sint and his helper Piet
have bought a gift for you, indeed!

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